Mysterious Eye: The Marvellous Machinery That Controls Your Sight

Top Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe from Blue Light

Having great vision is one of the best ways to absorb the world around you. As you only have one set of eyes, it makes sense to take care of them while they're in a good state of health. One seemingly unavoidable source of damage is blue light. Blue light comes from screens you use each day, including computer screens and your phone. Here are four ways you can protect your eyes against the strain that it causes.

Turn off the Screen

Are you getting too much screen time? To an extent, staring at a screen is unavoidable. However, the blue light that screens emit can damage your retina. As your retina contains the cells that receive information about the world around you, you need to protect it. Consider whether you can cut down some of your screen time. If not, there's still a solution you can try. 

Try Blue Light Glasses

If you're struggling to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend in front of a screen, try blue light glasses instead. Blue light glasses absorb some of the blue light that can damage your retina. As a result, they'll reduce your eye strain. If you're already wearing glasses, you'll need to discuss blue light lenses with your optometrist first. They may need to perform an eye exam to find the most suitable solution for you.

Eat Your Greens

You may associate eating carrots with having excellent vision. While the vitamin A in carrots certainly helps, it isn't the best or only vegetable you should eat. Instead, you need to focus on dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. The lutein and zeaxanthin content in dark leafy greens can help to combat blue light damage by strengthening your retina. They also contain vitamin A that can guard you against cataracts as time goes on. Finally, they're rich in vitamins C and E, which are both essential for protecting your eyes against the free radicals in your immediate environment. 

Go for Eye Tests

Although you can adjust your lifestyle to protect your eyes against blue light, the best way to guard yourself is through regular eye tests. When you next see your optometrist, they'll tell you how frequently you need to return for tests. At your appointment, they can detect potential vision issues and introduce resolutions that protect you against further damage. For example, they may recommend prescription glasses. 

At your next eye examination, ask your optometrist any questions you have about protecting your eyes from blue light. 

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Mysterious Eye: The Marvellous Machinery That Controls Your Sight

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