Mysterious Eye: The Marvellous Machinery That Controls Your Sight

Adult vision | Top 4 tips for the aging eyes

For seniors, the eyes are a part of the body that need constant attention so that they can keep operating well. If you're in your 60s, then you need to be assertive in keeping your eye vision at its best. Failure to do so will lead to rapid deterioration of your eyesight, and if you're unlucky, you may even go blind. To prevent such incidents, here are some of the best tips to assist you in taking proper care of your eyes.

Go to an optometrist

A regular eye exam and check-up are some of the best ways of ensuring that your eyes are still in perfect working condition. Eye tests can identify eye diseases as well as general health anomalies such as high blood pressure.

When going for an eye test, you'll be much better off with an optometrist as opposed to an ophthalmologist. Optometrists do more of these eye checks and are mainly concerned with the eye vision whereas ophthalmologists specialise in eye surgery and eye diseases.

Get the right prescription glasses

When purchasing your glasses, you need to ensure that they look and feel right. One way is by ensuring that your pupillary distance (distance between your pupils) matches the eyeglasses. The centre of the lenses gives the best vision, so that's where your pupils need to be looking through.

Additionally, the frame of choice needs to be light and still durable. Go for titanium as opposed to plastic because the latter is heavier. Also, check the eye size of the frame inside the arms to get the best fitting one. If your previous glasses fitted perfectly, then ensure the eye size figures match up. The frames need to fit snuggly, but not tightly.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is hazardous to the eyes as you age. It exposes them to increased levels of oxidative stress, which reduces the ability of your body to counteract the harmful effects of the radicals. This increases the chances of developing conditions such as cataracts. Smoking should not be an option.

Have adequate lighting

You may also have to modify your home's lighting for the best effect. Remember, you'll need about two or three times as much light as younger people to see well. Keep your windows open to allow maximum entry of sunlight. The window treatments should also allow light into the home and still prevent glare. Also install bright lighting at your staircases to keep you from falling over and injuring yourself.

For more information on prescription eyeglasses, talk to a professional.

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Mysterious Eye: The Marvellous Machinery That Controls Your Sight

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